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If you or someone you know has been arrested for a felony Alameda DUI you will likely be required to post bail in order to be released from jail prior to your arraignment. Contacting a qualified Bail Bondsm1n is vital to posting sufficient money showing security for your appearance following a felony Alameda drunk driving arrest. Bail is determined by the judge and is usually dependent on the circumstances of the Alameda DUI. Hiring a trained Alameda DUI Defense Lawyer immediately after arrest for a drunk driving incident.

A bail bondsman will post the amount of bail set by the judge at the Alameda County Superior Court. You or your family will have to pay usually around one-tenth of the bail amount to the bail bondsman. This means that if as a result of your arrest for a felony Alameda County DUI bail is set at $50,000 you or your family will have to come up with $5,000 to pay the bail bondsman. If you fail to appear at the specified court date then the bail money will not be returned and a warrant for your arrest will be issued. In most cases, if you hire an experienced Alameda DUI Defense Lawyer they can provide you with a list of bail bondsmen in your area and may be able to get you a discount on the required down payment.

When hiring a bail bondsman to post your specified bail it is important to hire someone who is local to the Alameda area and knows the Alameda County Superior Court system. They will know who to contact and the quickest way to post bail. Consulting with a trained Alameda Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer is the best way to ensure that you hire the most qualified and expedient bail bondsmen available.

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